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Updated: Apr 10, 2021

In the studio this week I had the opportunity to work with a bodybuilder. My colleagues and I worked together to get some pretty creative shots. My intent was to focus not only on his physical appearance but on his character as well. I wanted to show his personality and who he is as an individual. I treated this session as a figure study. Here are some of the images from the photo session that I have edited. For safety reasons the model had to leave his mask on due to COVID-19 protocols. It was also interesting to see that even though he is so strong he is just as vulnerable to get COVID-19 and just like anyone else, he too has to wear a face mask. I decided to go with a sepia tone and a warm and moody look for the coloured version of the images. I don’t often work with models or do portrait work, but I had a lot of fun during this session and it resulted in some pretty strong imagery. A special thanks to the model and everyone who made the photo session possible.

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