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Humans & Technology

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Just like the Myth project, I again struggled with developing an idea for this project. The theme is Humans and Technology and at first I was not very interested in the topic but in the end, I was glad to have done it, as it made me use an equal amount of my photography skills and Photoshop skills. Usually I focus on my photography skills in these projects and the Photoshop edits are often just to do a few touch ups and enhance a bit of what is already there. This time around I relied much more heavily on my Photoshop skills to problem solve and to achieve the final results.

At first, I was unsure of what I wanted to do and where to begin to come up with an idea. Looking at the examples that I came across in my research, I saw an image of an eye with turquoise eye colour. I didn’t think that it spoke about humans and technology at all and I wanted to try and do a better version of this. So, I photographed my model’s eye up close. I really liked how the close-up images of my model was turning out. My model had a cell phone on him and he was watching a Youtube video with his ear buds in. I realized that almost everyone has a cell phone and we are heavily dependent on it for a wide range of reasons as the phones today are capable of doing so much. You can play music, watch videos, go on the internet, social media, call, text, e-mail, use a variety of apps, and so much more. Cell phones now hold a major role in our daily lives, to the point where some people don’t know how to function without it.

I decided to show close-up shots of the interaction between a human and a technological device…in this case a cell phone. In many ways, I feel that this device that is supposed to help us connect with each other is actually doing the opposite. We often sit like zombies, brain washed or hypnotized by our phones scrolling endlessly for hours in a daze. These images look at how technology is influencing us and slowly taking over our lives.

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