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Advertisement in a Series

I love tea! I love tea so much, that I used it to make this ad series. This project used three separate images of the Tetley Tea product line and linked the ads using colour, similar image treatment including perspective, lighting, framing, incorporating a border around the images, using tea bags as props in all three photos and shooting the images in the same vertical orientation. I imagined that these images would be ads found in a magazine and I wanted them to appear very simple with the product dead centre.

After my draft version several changes had to be made. To add more of a narrative, there is an object floating above each of the canisters of tea in these ads, a lemon for the lemon ginger tea, a fluffy cloud reminiscent of steam for the Earl Grey tea and a green leaf in the green tea ad. Other changes included re-positioning the Blue Earl Grey tea canister so that it matched the same position of the tea canisters in the other 2 ads and touching up some of the shadows in the images. Below is a before and after comparison of the draft and the final images of the three tea adverts.

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